Artist Statement

Painting is where I find my greatest joy. The brush is an extension of myself as it glides and strokes across the canvas creating the world as seen through my eyes, I am not particularly inspired by any artist, but I do like and appreciate the work of many. My main focus is to develop my own style, which is motivated by a deep connection to nature and the emotional effects of light on my subject matter.



Bill Long was born in Morristown, Tennessee but spent his formative years in central Florida. This is where his appreciation for art began to manifest itself. Bill and his father tool several trips to Lake Eola Park in Orlando. That is where he saw, for the first time, plein air artist capturing color and light of this magical place. He was so transfixed by the unique beauty of these paintings.  Soon afterwards he decided to have his own show. Accomplishing this feat was no small task for an aspiring preteen artist. Bill started coloring on asbestos tiles and nailing them to trees to replicate the scene in the park.

Bill returned to East Tennessee and studied art at Walter’s State Community College under the guidance of Ron Castle. He continued his studies at the University of Tennessee and received a BFA in 1974.

Between college and now Bill wasn’t able to devote the time to his craft that he would have liked. There was a family and two wonderful children to raise and a small sign business tooperate. Now that the children are grown he has more time to devote to his art and strive to reach the same elation of painting he felt as a child.


He is currently represented by Gallery 1401 in Chattanooga, TN.